Art Through The Eyes Of my sources The Soul Oracle 日本語ガイドブック

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  • The book is divided into the four mythic lands where Cheryl lives and creates.
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  • Ogberosun or Ogbedosunmu speaks of evil sleep, evil dreams and evil vision.
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With over 30 galleries in the district, hundreds of …. Shop for my sources sowa wall art from the world’s greatest living artists. All sowa artwork ships within 48 hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. Choose your favorite sowa designs and purchase them as wall art, home decor, phone cases, tote bags, and more!.

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Doors must be properly aligned, have means of closure, and close without excessive binding or looseness. Odu are the spiritual symbols that hold messages. They are chapters of within the sacred corpus of Ifa, the messages of Olodumare . Ranging from Eji-Ogbe to Ofun Ose, there are two hundred fifty-six Odu. Each Odu contains more than one thousand verses.There are a total of 256.

Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

For those in search of personal intuitive guidance, this luminescent oracle deck provides a powerful vehicle for accessing the wisdom of mythic beings and divine entities. The deck is comprised of 52 over-sized, gilded cards with stunning original artwork. Meditating on a card image reveals deep insights and profound answers. The illustrated guidebook allows you to delve into the meaning of each card and connect with your higher self. This is a 52 card deck, with no Arcana or suits. The cards, like many oracle decks are quite large but relatively easy to handle.

All transactions are permanently logged to ensure transparency and quality. ITM Delivering on business objectives through optimized technology, people and process. Miami-Fort Lauderdale Area 500+ connections. The cards draw from different mythologies. The little booklet is quite interesting, I find that the messages are quite empowering without being too “sweet”. I love this deck, and recommend it to all that want to connect with Spirit.

The print on the back of the cards is an enlarged image from the oracle deck – the Goddess Avnova. “Art Through The Starstream Oracle” is a 52 card deck with accompanying 113 page guidebook, based on the theme of stars, and reconnecting with our origins in the stars. I loved the thought on the back of the box – that this oracles connects us to our origins in the Source Field where all creations, solutions, and outcomes are possibilities waiting to be intuitively chosen. In every culture there is a story that leads back to the realm of the stars. This stunning 52-card oracle deck helps you reconnect with your origins in the stars, the source of all creativity. Through her artwork, inspired by mythology and history, Cheryl taps into insightful cosmic connections.

This 52 card deck is slightly oversize at 3 1/2″ x 6″ and has a nice glossy lamination that really shows off Cheryl’s wonderful artwork. Shuffling from the side or placing the cards on a flat surface and mixing them up thoroughly is the best way to shuffle or mix these cards up. The backs are non reversible but feature a beautiful painting of a waterfall and maiden peeking from behind the rocks, all done in breathtaking blues and greens. Like the tarot itself, steampunk looks to both the past and the future.

The cards are approximately 3 ½” by 6”, of glossy card stock. The backs show a blue/black cave like setting, showing a path moving into light on the left hand side of the card. At the bottom of the card we see the eyes and forehead of a female figure, wearing a decorative headpiece.

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Connect with your designs Reading tarot cards is a deeply personal and spiritual experience. Understanding and feeling connected to your cards is crucial to being able to provide an insightful reading. The designs of your cards will affect the way you interpret their meanings. With the deck comes an illustrated 108-page guidebook.