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About Us

Empire Marketing Services

Empire Imports Inc. is a master distributor of Vape and Delta8 products with over 8000 active SKUs on our real-time online order system, and shipping directly to over 4,000 stores and local distributors in 42 States across the USA. Our combined marketing services communicate with over 15,000 individual retail locations each month.

Empire Marketing Services (EMS) was designed to provide e-Cig and smoke shop product manufacturers with wide access to these channels. In lieu of federal restrictions placed on public advertising, EMS is able to communicate through these channels in a consistent and effective way. In addition to giving brands an opportunity to ”speak directly” to this targeted audience, we can also support the volume distribution by carrying the same products on our catalog.

Direct Mail

Reach shops with direct mail and promotional kits.


Reach out customers through e-mail and banner ads.

3rd Party

Work through us with our media partners and events.


1. Targets

2015 - Present

Physical Stores, Online Stores, Regional and Local Distributors

2. Outreach Methods & Frequency / Audience Size

2011 - 2015

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3. Reporting

2011 - 2015

Empire’s team works with marketers to reach maximum ROI from each campaign through reporting and analysis

4. Graphics and Art


Our graphics department can help create or touch up artwork to facilitate the process. (All original logo files, graphics and images are provided by clients.)

Outreach Methods

EIVAPE.com Website Banners

Real-time / On-Demand


Weekly or Monthly (15,000 stores/distros)


Daily or Weekly (4,000 active buyers)

Magazine Advertisement (3rd Party)

Monthly (18,000 Smoke & Vape Shops)

Promotional Kits

Inclusion in a goodies box sent to active retailers. Great for new product launches and/or brand introduction. (200-500 retail stores)


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